My Fitness routine (aka progress is a slow process)


such a lovely face 😉

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as Madonna said “sweat is my drug” 🙂

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I’m a huge fan of fitness so i will try to give you all my tips and tricks:)

First of all you have to learn to feel your body, it will guide you through the perfect training. For exemple, i run, but not each single day, i do it when i feel it’s okay for me to do it.

I go to the gym/run in the park all days, i like it so much it comes natural for me doing it everyday. And i think it’s helpful doing it often to make it an healthy routine.

I follow different kinds of patterns in the gym:

– i do 2/3 km of elliptical machine which i think it’s great because it does what running does to your body but in a softer way and it decreases the risk of impact injuries OR i do run for 5 km (or more) on tapis roulant. As i said before, i do what i feel like doing.

-i do my abs; 5 series of 20 abs or i train on the machine you can see in one of the pics (you have to lift your knees to your chest holding on your arms)

-i do some exercise on the leg curl machine which is amazing to get your legs in perfect shape (but i only use it 3 times a week)

-i do my biceps exercises (25 kg max)

and that’s all 🙂

it’s not the longest fitness routine in the world because i think if it’s too long it gets you bored and too tired to come back for more the next day 😉

Enjoy your training!



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