Our First Merry Christmas (Part II, The Party)

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For the very first time this year my fiance, his parents and mine were together for Christmas. And of course our baby dog Luce was with us! 🙂

It was the best Christmas ever! We really enjoyed the true Christmas spirit and there was a lot of love in the air 🙂

My fiance and i hosted the dinner on Christmas eve and the lunch on Christmas day but our moms helped us cooking a lot of good things.

It was the first Christmas together and it was the first Christmas in our future house.

Through my fiance and his family i learned in the years the meaning of family; my family and his family got together, loved each other and we accepted each other’s good parts and flaws. That’s love:)  And the happiest place to be.

And pssst we are now officially engaged 😉 i have received The Ring as bells rang the midnight (and it was such a magic moment since we lost track of time and we didn’t know it was around midnight) 🙂

Take a look at the preparation of Our Christmas here.



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