My #5 Tips for Training



#1 Find your Thing.

Each one of us has different bodies and tastes. You just need to find the best thing for you, it can be swimming or zumba or pilates. Just find it. And you will do great, i can promise.

#2 Slow but Steady.

I mean, you can’t run 10 miles the first day or each day of the week and hope you will do so for ever. Start slow but steady, each day (or you can train 3/4 times at week) but not too much (45 minutes it can be enough for a beginner). This way you will not be exausted and you will continue.

#3 Water a Lot.

Drink a lot of water. Plain, simple, boring water. It has no calories and it helps your body a lot. drik at least 2 litres per day and your skin will look better and so will do your body.

#4 It’s all a matter of trust.

Trust yourself, your body and Pinterest 😉

#5 No excuses

Don’t stop, keep going. Keep your body moving. If one day you don’t feel like going to the gym you can take a walk in the park but dont’ give up!

You can see how i train here and here.

Love, Carlotta 🙂



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