Lovely Outfit #3

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That’s from my scrapbooking 😉

Love, Carlotta 🙂


My scrapbooks







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That’s have been one of my favourite hobby for years.

It combines perfectly my 2 big passions: magazines and fashion.

I have put together my favourite pictures from my fav magazines in 3 scrapbooks, 2 of them are by chloe and one is a lovely memory from one of my holiday in Sardinia.

It’s the perfect source when i’m out of ideas and i have found out that good things are eternal and even clothes pictured i have put there years ago are still cool and chic.

That’s my eternal love 🙂

DIY project (room decor ideas)




If you want to decor your room in some easy steps that’s the post for you!!

I was inspired by 1995’s Sabrina. In a significant part of the movie she moves to Paris and she puts on her wall a big picture of her love, the one she should forget, that’s all her room decoration because she only thinks about him. But as the time goes by, she starts to live her life and she does more and more things and she put every little piece she gets on the picture of her love. At the end of her time in Paris his poster is completely covered by her Paris memories and experiences. As the perfect metaphor of her growing up and heart healing.

I didn’t use a love poster but i stole the idea from the film.

I have a Ikea poster of a snowny Paris but that was partially covered by the stuff i put on it.

So you can do the same!you just need a poster, some scotch, some glue, some double sided and your ideas 🙂

About the stuff you put on your personal wall: they can be memories, ideas, things you want, things and photos that get you on the right mood….everything as long as you like it!!good vibes must be your motto 🙂

My only recommendation is to keep your wall updated, you don’t need things that don’t mean anything to you anymore.

On mine you can see the most different things: some photos of me, some post it with important (for me) sentences, some pictures i like, some people i consider icons, some magazines or newspapers pieces, a Cruciani’s bracelet, some fashion items, some souvenirs from holidays, some tickets, some stickers ….