Weekend in Castelrotto Part II

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How to Pack Your Beauty

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These are the first pics from my new topic: How To Pack (your suitcase, your beauty stuff, your jewels…).

My fiance and i will go on a short trip in a few days and these are some of the things we need in the beauty department 🙂

You can take a look and check your suitcase before leaving… a lot of new posts packing related are coming ahead…

Love, Carlotta 🙂

Castelrotto Day #1 (First time in Primark, Hotel Mayr, Celebration in Town)




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Some pics from my weekend in Alto Adige.

My fiance and i went to Innsbruck (Austria), and there i visited Primark for the very first time and it was AMAZING!

I will do a post with a Primark Haul soon.

Then we went to Castelrotto, where we stayed at the Hotel Mayr, such a lovely place. My parents go there each summer and it was such a good advice!

That night was the beginning of the snow season and there was some celebration in the town. Such a lovely atmosphere!

And the dinner at the Hotel was perfect!

Day #2 will come soon…

Outfit of the day:

Leggins by H&M

Shirt by H&M

Fur Gilet by Subdued

Uggs by H&M