One night eating macrobiotic


I am into healthy food and i love macrobiotic food. I will do another post talking about it, this is just a sneak peak 😉


One Night in Pietrasanta #2

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I know these are not the most perfect photos (they were taken with a blackberry back in the day) but i love them so much as they are sweet memories of a lovely place place and of lovely nights (and i love this skater skirt so much 🙂 it’s zara (vintage 😉 ) by the way.

One night in Pietrasanta

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These are some of my all time favourite photos. They were taken in Pietrasanta, in Toscana.

It’s just a lovely place full of art, grace, small and cool restaurants, wine, good food, trendy people.

It’s the place you want to be 😉

i will write about Pietrasanta in another post soon.

One night in Reggio Emilia

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Such a lovely place in Reggio Emilia (Italy), it’s in Piazza Fontanesi and it’s called “Botte Gaia”, it’s a Pietrasanta looking alike place, so cute and trendy.

I have eaten there so many times this summer and i have tried some different plates; you can’t go wrong in a place like this 🙂