Clinique All About Eyes Review

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I have fallen in love with this product 🙂

It’s a magic cream that reduces ( i was no expecting miracles) dark circles and puffy eyes.

I have a bad case of dark circles under my eyes and this one made it better.

I have paid it more than 40 euro for a 30 ml and i hope it will last a long time!

Love, Carlotta 🙂


AquaSource By Biotherm Review

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I hate creamy creams because i want to feel a free skin. So i use gel creams that are super light.

I really love the brand Biotherm, because it is known for its quality so i picked this one.

It gives great hydration to the skin and it makes the skin the smoother.

I will defenitely re purchase Aquasource by Biotherm.

(i paid more than 40 euro for 50 ml)

Love, Carlotta 🙂

Some Clinique Review

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Wonderful products made by Clinique!!!

I was looking for some cleaning/scrub products and a serum for imperfections and i found them!

I bought them in mini size so i could tried without spending so much more.

Clinique is my new favourite brand!

Love, Carlotta:)

CC Cream by Clinique Review


I absolutely love it!!!! It provides my face with great coverage while still feeling lightweight. I hate foundation and i never use it so first i tried a bb cream by Garnier but it was a total failure because it gave me some under skin spots (grrr).

This cc cream is wonderful, i picked the dark version ‘cause i like my skin to look tanned.

It costs 34 euro and it’s totally worth it because you only need some little of it everyday.